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PhD Network excursion to Magdeburg: nature, science, architecture and food

One might think that being a PhD is just another few years of extending your study time, evading the "real job world". It's not. Being a PhD is already a job on its own. We are so called Jr. researchers as we are trained to be independent reasearchers planning and conducting our projects. We don't often work based on our contract hours, but rather more than what we should. Coming early, staying late. When necessary, we come on Saturday's and Sunday's just to make sure that our machines are running without trouble. However, in between our busy hours, we slip in time to have fun.

This time, the PhD Network of the Martin Luther University organized an excursion to Magdeburg. I knew most of the people who came, but it was the first time that two work colleagues came with us, bella Camilla the ballerina and Ya Ming. Together, we visited a number of places: Elbauenpark and the historic side of the city center of Magdeburg.

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IPB Symposium 2019: acyl sugars and cannabinoids

Every year, the Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry organizes a symposium. Selected researchers working on plant related biology and chemistry are invited to give a talk on their research. Last year was the IPB’s 60th anniversary, and the focus was on plant hormones. This year, the symposium took place in our institute from the 23rd afternoon to the 24th of May. Six speakers were invited and I will talk about two of my favorite talks.

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First Big Band Concert and the Georg Friedrich Händel Konservatorium

I started learning to play the sax a year and a half ago. I didn’t really know what got into me. I’ve never been a jazz fan. Not even going out to the “Jazz goes to Campus” events for fun. Always had been more of the piano classical type of person. However, being in Halle surrounded by Handel, Bach, and all the other well known composers, made me want to get back into playing music 🎶. Not to mention the opportunity of being taught by professional music teachers, who are also music artists from the Georg Friedrich Händel Konservatorium

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Museum Nacht 2019- Leipzig

Two weeks late but better than never. Once every year, Halle Saale and Leipzig organized the "Museum Nacht" (museum night). The museum nacht usually starts at 18.00p.m. until midnight. Two years ago, I attended my first museum nacht and this year was on Saturday, 11th of May. Tickets were sold in every museum, in the train station as well as the marketplace. They cost 8€ and this allow you to access most museums in Halle and Leipzig; transportation included. Since I visited a lot of museums in Halle two years ago, I decided to go to Leipzig this time. It took me half an hour to travel from Halle to Leipzig. Meanwhile I filled my stomache a bit with a Bretzel. Weather was not too nice, rainy and wet.

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