W+H Questions

  1. Who are the targets? Readers who are interested to read my thoughts.
  2. What does this blog cover? Food & travel, leisure, science & tech, education and spirit either written in English/Indonesian language.
  3. When do I usually post? When I can.
  4. Where am I located? Germany & Indonesia.
  5. Why did I start to blog? I'd like to create a platform to voice my thoughts. The contents are based on my experience. 
  6. How can readers contribute to my blog? Just write a comment to the posts and I'll be glad to respond to them. I'm open to input and suggestions so feel free to drop me a message! Be respectful and open minded when you read this blog. 

About me

Dr. rerum. nat. in making.
A plant scientist with a mission.
Currently in the late 20's.
An Indonesian with Javanese, Japanese & Chinese blood.
A big sister.
Loves to eat and explore.
Likes to work out and do arts & crafts.
A beginner saxophonist & pianist.
Strategic woman of God.

Current location


Contact me

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