Almost a year old: "Sukses Raih Beasiswa Dalam dan Luar Negeri"

Time flies so fast and yet it's almost a year since Gress and I have published our first collaborative work. A book titled "Sukses Raih Beasiswa Dalam dan Luar Negeri" was released last July and half a year later, we have sold more that 500 books! It may not be so impressive compared to a Harry Potter book, or a book in the teen love and romance section. This was expected since it captures a small niche of the market. Yes, students and other members of the Indonesian society who are currently looking for an opportunity to reach higher education.

Good Friday: from rainbow to a walk in the botanical garden

This year’s Good Friday, I decided to stay in Halle so that I could focus on capturing, via online streaming, the Word of God conveyed by my spiritual parents in Jember, Indonesia. Especially this day, they made me understand more about the power of the cross and realize that we should be strong as long as we are connected to the right source.

After thes session, it was around 3p.m, without any plans in mind, I walked along the path, passing over the Saale river to the Peißnits park. The weather was super nice, 24 degrees Celcius bright, sunny and cool breeze. Over the distance, there were lots of people having a picnic, and kids running about. As I approached the lake which was in the middle of the park, I could see a big rainbow up close. It was interesting to observe how the sun ray is being diffracted by water droplets from the fountain forming a color spectrum. Moreover, the size of the rainbow was being determined by how strong the wind blew. I don’t know about the millenials these days, but although I’ve always been living in big cities, I could easily be pleased by simply having a nice walk in nature, observing the trees, and being sprayed by water from a big fountain.


A twist from “Moro the Cookbook”: sourdough bread and pistachio dip

Nowadays, you can easily get recipes off the internet but I enjoy having to visualize it on paper and flip the pages manually. Trying random recipes online is like a cat in a sack, you don’t actually know what you will end up with. In most cases, I would twist the recipe to meet my taste and what is available in my fridge

Buying a new cook book to me means having a new commitment. That’s is why it takes weeks until I decide to get one - doing a bit of research before purchasing one. Why is that? I guess I am often sceptical about the recipes. Therefore, I am lured to books that are best sellers and having tonnes of good recommendation. 

One of my recent purchase was the “Moro The Cookbook”. 

A little girl’s stationary collection

Today, I felt like sharing some new stationaries which I bought for Christmas. For those of you that don't know me that well, I am a stationary freak! I love books and pens and stickers. I can never have enough of them!

The ultimate bible to study the scripture

I've always been fond of books since I was a kid. I would buy a lot of English books in Singapore since Jr. High because the books in Jakarta are usually expensive and limited. Then I shifted to invest on science books like Campbell biology series in Sr. High. In my masters, I hunted for plant breeding books. These last few years, I can say I'm into cookbooks and microscopic pictures of plant organs by Rob Kesseler. But the bible? That's something new.

Strong’s bible gear fit for people on the go

One day earlier this month, I was chatting with a pastor and she shared to me some of the revelations she received about Genesis 17. The word El Shaddai, God almighty, and Jehova Jireh, God that nurse and milk (provide). She mentioned to me about getting a bible with the Strong's concordance. I immediately searched and found one as an app called Strong's with KJV.

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