The parable of the pearl

I love it when God talks in parables. There‘s always a wisdom behind it. It is also when God works through symbols and visions. We need to ask to be guided by the Holy Spirit. The Word of God is like a precious pearl. Why a pearl?

Lydia of Phillipi

„One of those listening was a woman from the city of Thyatira named Lydia, a dealer in purple cloth. She was a worshiper of God. The Lord opened her heart to respond to Paul’s message.“ Acts‬ ‭16:14‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Lydia of Phillipi is one example of a successful business woman who is also courageous in pursuing her destiny in Christ. As a female jr. scientist, she have set an example of how God plays a role in a life of a career woman.

Imprinting as a child

It is not the first time I come reading this verse. When I listen to God's Words, although I am almost 30, I have to place myself as if I were a child. Why a child? Children are plain, they are susceptible to new surroundings and they are curious. This reminds me of the life of aves.

The tree of knowledge, tree of life and the scroll of remembrance

Tonight's impression, I saw how man fell into sin by eating from the tree of knowledge. It was when the first Adam, no longer seeing God's glory but at himself. Ever since then, man was banished from the garden, had to go through hardship and turmoil. Moreover, no other man was able to restore the relationship with God until Jesus, the last Adam.

"And the Lord God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.”" Genesis‬ ‭3:22‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Then I saw another tree in a distance. A man was cupping his hands as as he opened, a big pink flower, high likely to be in the family of rosaceae, was blooming wide open. Then, the tree started to fruit in abundance. What people often overlook, was that there is another tree in that garden, the tree of life. The access to the tree of life was closed to man. However, Jesus was the only man who was able to take back the fruits from the tree of life and lived in eternity. 

End of my 40 days of fasting

Today was the last day of my 40 days of fasting. I've received so much during the past weeks. Revelations after revelation, grace after grace. Moreover, it was the first BUILD (Build your foundation led by God) session on "baptizing in the Holy Spirit" that I led and organized online with the help of my brothers in Indonesia. The event was 2 hours straight in the morning but an hour before and after, there was another sharing session with some of the participants. Four hours straight, I had to help with translating Indonesian to English since the participants are not situated in Indonesia,  but also Germany and South Africa. Thank God that everything went well even though I didn't drink nor eat 'til 3pm. A participant was baptized in the spirit and another who could already spoke in tongues received personal message from God through prophecy. They have experienced an encounter with God. Hallelujah.

Diving deeper in God’s love

A scubadiver was diving deeper and deeper in the middle of the ocean. He was surrounded only by water and a big giant whale. As he reached the bottom of the abyss, he found a treasure chest. I felt that what I needed to do is to dive deeper in God's love and exhibit it. That is the true treasure.

A task to bring people to win their trophies

Today, I would like to share that I am trully blessed. If it weren't for God's intervention, I wouldn't be meeting people who are walking in the same path as I am. Supporting hand in hand through strong testimonies and sharpening each others sword. Sisters and brothers from different culture, different countries, different time zones. All connected via an online platform. As the Lord said, "It is the time of harvest."

The samurai traveler

An empty sheet of paper was given to me and I was told to write down what Father says. He looked anxious as if He was very concerned about some thing which needed to be done ASAP and we are almost late. I've never seen this side of Him. In another scene, I saw that people were lining up a stairs made of clouds. At the front, was Christ and He was given a crown. At the back, one by one, people were picked up by a big machine and thrown out. What does it mean? A lot of people who were in the queue towards receiving the crowns, were eliminated and did not go forward with their destiny. 

Knock and you shall be given

I haven't been sharing a lot these past few days because I have been digesting personally a lot of God's wisdom. What I would like to say is that, there was a one morning when I woke up at 5 am in the morning to a dream where I saw a bunch of animals and then I heard a very loud male voice saying to me that I will be given the wisdom of Words to serve them. Ever since then, I've started having visions of others and not only about myself.

Focus on the tree of life and be in covenant

On December 13th, I saw Revelations 22:2. I assume this was the same tree that God has shown me a few months ago. I'm not going to share about the experience I had when I was offered to eat from the tree of of good and evil which is the knowledge of the dark side, the world of witchcraft. But this was a reminder that I should focus on accessing the tree of life, which is the life in Christ. I already received the access to to enter the throne, where this tree is located, and now it's my time to bring others how to access it. Through praise, worship, prayers, and building the foundation of the relationship with God.

Stay humble and serve Him by building our spirit through prayer and worship

I've been visiting one of my best friend's place in Western Germany for a few days to celebrate Christmas and New Years together. I can't go back home this winter because of Covid19, because then I will have trouble coming back to Germany. I've decided that my trip to my friend's was not just like any regular trip. It was going to be serving God, brainstorming for next year's plan and also doing a lot of prayers and worship.

Fixing a robot‘s heart

This day, I helped my best friend to organize her church group Christmas event online. I have been supporting her in her community and I am blessed to be able to share God's words through testimonies that I have obtained. The Chritmas event was more of a celebration where everyone had fun contributing to different events, like nativity, games, and worship. My job was to help with playing the guitar and MC. It was fun! 

You‘re our protector

It was Christmas Eve, alone I was in the early evening with God. I went to His presence in private because I wanted to know what He wanted to personally say to me. I started to strum the guitar with a tune that was stuck in my head when I showered right before. The tune was repeating over and over, and word started to come out, "You're my protector." 

You're our protector, our resurrector
As we lift your name above the heaven and earth
May your kingdom be established in our praises
May your work be glorified in our lives
May our spirit be lifted in your presence, Oh Lord
Christ Jesus our protector on high

My Christmas message

On Christmas morning, I attended the church service of my friend's since there was no service from my church. It was an international service, all in English. As we started the worship, I immediately was given visions. I was shown a lot of people walking towards and up a mountain until they built homes in the mountain, from top to bottom. Then a strong voice in my heart was heard, "These are my children and I love them, I want you to know that." At that moment, I could really feel the heart of Father and tears were running down off my face. I was reminded that different churches have different specializations, some are at the peak of the mountain, teaching highly spiritual prophetic teachings. But there are also churches that are at the bottom of the mountain, that are more down to earth (does not mean earthly but more applicable and easy to understand). I understood that some focuses more on discipleship, some focuses on teachings, and some focuses on the spiritual gifts. In the end, I figured what determines the churches are the people who are in the churches, the building blocks. Every church that are connected as one body in Christ have different function and they are there to support each other. I have to know this as a foundation so that I am not biased, saying one church is better than the other or one spiritual leaders in better than the other, but rather learn to wear my cape of humility and humbleness as a service to God.

The postman

To tell you the truth, I've not been feeling confident about the gifts that I have received. I felt like God gave me a lot so fast, that I may be a bit overwhelmed by it all. On December 26th, we did not have worship together because we were occupied with brainstorming, so I decided to worship at night alone before I went to bed. Earlier that day, we watched a movie called "Klaus". It is a fictional cartoon illustrating about how Santa Claus came to be. The main character was a postman who was super spoiled by his father and ended up sent to a city, restart a post service where he met Klaus and that was the story of Christmas Santa. This postman, he was not only just sending mails, but he was involved in building a city which was once filled with violence into a place that was peaceful.

The calling

I woke up yesterday with God telling me to drink from the Holy Grail. Actually He was waking me up since it was ten to ten in the morning on a Sunday and I should join my friend‘s church service because there was no service this weekend from my church. He always knows how to get me to do things, just by giving me a glimpse of something and ask me to pray in tongues or come to His presence. So I immediate went to the bathroom and dressed up shortly before joining in the streaming. 

New year message and the unexpected reward

Happy New Year! May this year be a blessed and exciting year for us all!

I spent my New Years Eve together with friends in the spirit, worshiping, sharing, and praying together. It is the first time I spend New Years and also Christmas outside Indonesia. We attended a worship night of the church of my friend again since there was no sermon organized by my church. As soon as I started praying God spoke a lot to me. Two days before, He gave me the vision of me holding on my left hand a scroll. As I faced the throne, I was asked to open it but I said that I was not ready and that I needed time. He was nice and told me to open it when I am ready and take my time. I knew that that scroll holds a big task that I will need to do. But was I ready?

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