Almost a year old: "Sukses Raih Beasiswa Dalam dan Luar Negeri"

Time flies so fast and yet it's almost a year since Gress and I have published our first collaborative work. A book titled "Sukses Raih Beasiswa Dalam dan Luar Negeri" was released last July and half a year later, we have sold more that 500 books! It may not be so impressive compared to a Harry Potter book, or a book in the teen love and romance section. This was expected since it captures a small niche of the market. Yes, students and other members of the Indonesian society who are currently looking for an opportunity to reach higher education.

In short, the concept of this book is not only filled with stories about our experience in getting a scholarship and elaborating on how awesome it is and the challenges that we faced when living abroad. We provided tips and some hands-on exercises to help readers reflect and guide them through the application process. We also laid down description and links where scholarship hunters could access information on various programs all around the world.

Being an open book, one of the reason why we made this book was that because of my YouTube channel, which I made 5 years ago. I often received messages asking the exact same questions regarding studying abroad and scholarship. Instead of explaining over and over again from one person to the other, it's more efficient to make one guide book and refer it to people. I do understand that some information can easily become out of date, but in general the materials that we have provided are valid. But to fully varify this, you should check it out yourself and take it out of the bookshelf.

Overall, I am very grateful that we have published this book. Not for the financial profit, but glad to be able to set an example and support readers as well as the millenials to their full potential. Acknowledgement to our publisher Gramedia (Grasindo) because without them, we would not have managed to make this book available throughout Indonesia. Moreover, this book has opened up opportunities for us to become speakers in a number of seminars and book review sessions, thereby reaching out to our readers.

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