Good Friday: from rainbow to a walk in the botanical garden

This year’s Good Friday, I decided to stay in Halle so that I could focus on capturing, via online streaming, the Word of God conveyed by my spiritual parents in Jember, Indonesia. Especially this day, they made me understand more about the power of the cross and realize that we should be strong as long as we are connected to the right source.

After thes session, it was around 3p.m, without any plans in mind, I walked along the path, passing over the Saale river to the Peißnits park. The weather was super nice, 24 degrees Celcius bright, sunny and cool breeze. Over the distance, there were lots of people having a picnic, and kids running about. As I approached the lake which was in the middle of the park, I could see a big rainbow up close. It was interesting to observe how the sun ray is being diffracted by water droplets from the fountain forming a color spectrum. Moreover, the size of the rainbow was being determined by how strong the wind blew. I don’t know about the millenials these days, but although I’ve always been living in big cities, I could easily be pleased by simply having a nice walk in nature, observing the trees, and being sprayed by water from a big fountain.


Continuing on, I walked towards the city center until a big advertisement board caught my eyes. It was on a ceramic exhibition created by art students, Tasting Tomorrow. The entrance fee was only 1€, which was less than a cup of tee. So decided to check it out.

 The exhibition itself was not that big. There was not a lot of items being shown. However, there were two items that grabbed my attention.

  1. First, this item is a tee pot that somehow reminded me of a neckpiece worn by some old european royalities, I like the multifunctional concept of the pot which is standing on a bowl (where I think you could place a candle to heat the tee or just a big cup to drink) and on top of it, a  citrus presser. More often I would see only a pot standing on a cup so this is new. -Maurice Zacher
  2. Second, I find the plates adorable though they are bulky! The plates come in different diameter and height, and I wonder how this could affect the temperature of the food that’s being served. I woud think to heat the plates slightly in an oven, similar to hotplate before serving some delicate meals. -Carmen Dehning


I left the gallery bringing two flyers on two events next month: Museum Night and a Japanese modernist designer Michiko Yamawaki (interesting article: here). I am not sure whether I could attend both events but I'll be sure to write about it when I do. I attended the Museum Night 2 years ago but I only visited museums in Halle. Maybe this year, I could visit Leipzig, they have the Mendelssohn's, Schumann's and Bach's house, Panometer, as well as the monument of the battle of the nations.


Since I felt like I still needed to get a fresh air, I made my way to the botanical garden which was just a few blocks away. It was not the first time being here. In general I like looking at different plants growing in the garden, smelling the scent of various flowers as well as getting hungry from the wild Allium sp. Moreover, being a student allows free access so why not make use out of it? Although I've spent my childhood living 10 minutes away from the Bogor botanical garden, never had such privilege. This time round I didn't really want to visit the greenhouses so I was only strolling outdoors and reading a book I got for free "Shopaholic Ties the Knot" by Sophie Kinsella. I think my mom had one of her books "Confession of a Shopaholic" that was also turned into a movie. Anyway, it's not a typical book that I would read but I just wanted to read something light and does not require me to think.



I ended my day being hungry and lazy to cook. I grabbed a fried rice with duck from a nearby restaurant "Mr. Hoang". But as you can see, it was actually Mrs. Hoang who was cooking. Price was cheap (4€), tasted okay, clean and it comes with a gigantic portion. I ran to the tram stop and naughtily ate my rice inside the tram (which is not allowed *grin), since I couldn't wait to eat it at home.

That was practically my afternoon. How did you spend your Good Friday?


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