Medieval market and Swiss burger & fries in Leipzig

A day after Good Friday, I finally decided to go out of town. I've been spending these past few weekends in the lab and it was time to step out. It took me 1.5 hours from home to Leipzig markt by bus, tram and train. It was another lovely afternoon, and I was craving to eat some junk food.

As I stepped out of from the underground station, there was a medieval market in the market square. There were plenty of food, merchandises and entertainment. A man was selling hand made wooden crafts and the had really nice wooden tablets that can be used as a cutting board or a serving platter. However, they were quite pricey. A man on a harp was entertaining the crowd with her recital. Children were riding on the wooden ferris wheel and also a jungle gym in the shape of an old pirate boat. There was also a lady who was selling a dish plant consisting of succulents grown on a bark, creative. I passed by a stand where they sold little sculptures made of glass. My little sister love these kind of decoration. She was more of a room decor type of person, where as I tend to keep things just the way the are. I was lured by the smell of Langos topped with garlic, but I constrained myself since I had another food in mind.


Yesh!!! I finally I got the chance to eat in the Swiss Break Restaurant for brunch (bankrupt now in Leipzig). I often eat the fries to go and it's really good. It's not just like any fries. It's actually small blocks of potatoes fried in a shape of thick fries, baby rösti. In addition to the fries, I ordered a big Swiss burger which was a focaccia bread filled with beef, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, raclette cheese and remoulade sauce. I was also considering to try the rösti but maybe for another time. In my opinion, the food I ordered was delicious. However, maybe because I ate too much fries that I could taste the oil was a bit too excessive. To accompany my food, I ordered chocolate milk. The portionw as large and it comes with a cookie and water to neutralize the sweet. I wonder why they provided extra sugar. It was already sweet. It didn't take too much time to serve and the staff were friendly. I also enjoyed the atmosphere, rustic with a scent of leather and wood. Guest surely would have a sense of being in one of those wooden tavern in the Alps. I guess I'll rate this restaurant overall an 8.



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