The best Chinese restaurant in East Germany so far

Once in a while, I get tired of cooking at home. Usually, I would go out to eat and pamper myself with good food.

It was not my first time but rather my 5th time back in this restaurant. Real asian food, not Germanized.

Restaurant Zhang is a Chinese restaurant located in Leipzig. I knew this place from a Chinese and Korean friend. They really recommended it to me. They mentioned that almost all Chinese people around go there to eat because it tasted more or less like the food they would eat in the mainland. They served quite a range of dishes from dimsum to pork ears, darms and chicken legs.

Every Tuesday until Friday, they have a 6€ all you can eat brunch buffet! Whereas every Sunday, they provide the all you can eat steampot buffet for 20€. Regarding the lunch buffet, I have not tried it but I went once to try the steampot buffet. They provided a lot of seafood, free flow drinks as well (non-alcohol). You can select whether you want the spicy/not spicy bouillon. However I was not quite satisfied the the quality. The seafood were not so fresh, make sense, maybe because we are not located close to the harbour. Moreover, some of the dishes were cold because they are not placed in an heated table. Therefore, I would not recommend it. 

Most of the time I would go and order à la carte, because most of the tasty dishes are not present in the buffet. Moreover, by coming with a big group, we could share different dishes, more variety of flavors to taste! These were some of the dishes that we ordered: dimsum, steamed fish, pecking duck, sweet and spicy aubergine, lamb with black pepper. When you order a dish, you will receive free flow rice. The price itself is affordable.We usually pay around 15€/person including beverage. Let me warn you not to wear fancy clothes when you visit because by the time you finish eating, you will end up smelling like your food! I would give this restaurant 8.5 on average. Still, nothing beats the Asian food I would eat back in Asia.

Address: Windmühlenstraße 22, 04107 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 9627820


Opening times:
Monday: 17.00-22.00
Tuesday-Sunday: 11.00-15.00, 17.00-22.00



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