Museum Nacht 2019- Leipzig

Two weeks late but better than never. Once every year, Halle Saale and Leipzig organized the "Museum Nacht" (museum night). The museum nacht usually starts at 18.00p.m. until midnight. Two years ago, I attended my first museum nacht and this year was on Saturday, 11th of May. Tickets were sold in every museum, in the train station as well as the marketplace. They cost 8€ and this allow you to access most museums in Halle and Leipzig; transportation included. Since I visited a lot of museums in Halle two years ago, I decided to go to Leipzig this time. It took me half an hour to travel from Halle to Leipzig. Meanwhile I filled my stomache a bit with a Bretzel. Weather was not too nice, rainy and wet.

The first place I visited was Inspirata. This place is especially meant for kids to get to know more about science. There was various sections e.g. math, physics, media. I met two Russian friends there and had a fun time together playing with the different tools and experimental kits as shown in the pictures bellow.

Continuing on, we visited the Panometer. This place is an exhibition hall in an old colloseum like building, and used for displaying visual art. A number of my German friends were very interested to visit this place and mentioned that it was interesting. However, my overall impression was "okay". Before I explain why, I'll tell the general information about this place. The main exhibition hall was titled "Carola's Garden".  It was indeed a large circular area with a large graphic around wall. Calm music was set to build the atmosphere. In the center one could climb up a structure which was 4 stories high to see the surroundings. Indeed the images were in detail but to pay more than 10  to enter? I'd rather go to other museum such as the Grassi Museum for instance.

  After, I had a course of music related museum visit:

  1. Mendelssohn Haus. This museum used to be the home of Felix Mendelssohn who was a German componist. I guess when you are a classical pianist you might have heard or played the Spring Song?
  2. Schumann Haus.  I know that my mom has a Schumann piano book but I can only recall playing the Träumerei. The Schumann Haus was not as extravagant as the other componist homes I visited. What was most interesting is that it is not only a museum that display original sheet musics, or pianos but it is also a school (grundschule) for kids. There, children are taught how to play different musical instruments such as the piano, cello, cajon.
  3. Bach Museum. Who is not familiar with Bach's Minuet in G major? I remembered my sister played this song when she was in the elementary school. Anyway, the Bach museum was quite large. There were also different music instruments from organs to string instruments.

The final museum which I visited was the Egyptian museum. It was packed with visitors. There were a lot of artifacts including pottery, hieroglyphics, and mummy! Seeing all the artifacts made me think about how it would feel like having to live in Egypt in the past? Having to see how pyramids were built. My imagination kind of ran wild thinking about bibilical stories e.g. how the Lord intervene in the lives of Moses who led the Israelites out from Egypt into the promise land and Joseph who delivered the people from famine.

I left Leipzig at 22.00 p.m. back to Halle and that was the end of my Museum Nacht. I recommend visitors to visit the Museum Nacht next time you are around Halle and Leipzig. You wil definitely enjoy the night especially with a nice weather.


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