Arepa‘s Culture

Last night, I went to try out arepas for the 1st time in Leipzig at 19.00pm. It was for our Spanish-French sprache club. My Columbian friend suggested to go to the Arepa's Culture which was right accross our favorite waffel shop. The store was bright, clean, and decorated with potraits and ornaments from Latin America. From the outside, it looked more suited for take aways but there are seats and tables a few. Next to the ordering station, there were big images of various arepas you choose from. But, what are arepas? 

Arepas are made from corn. They look like pancakes that are stuffed inside. My other Columbian friend said that Columbians tend to debate with the Venezuelans who first discovered arepas. It's like Indonesia vs. Malaysia over rendang. Columbian arepas are typically burned in an over and just filled with cheese. These that we ordered were the Venezuelans because they added a lot of filling making it more as a staple food.

We all ordered the spicy pulled beef filling. It was actually really good. Though paying 7.50€ was slightly a bit much for the portion, but it was suprisingly filing. The workers could speak in Spanish although they were Germans, really funny. 

As time passed by, more and more people started to come and the place was filled! There was one guy who wore all white, and he made the cashier guy called the bos to ask whether the corn used are GMO's or not! There was a small logo stating ecological or something in the advertisement board, but I couldn't imagine if this would happe in Indonesia.

In general, the food is good. Even my Colombian said so. Do I crave for it? Not really, I could ask for the recipe and make it myself 🤭.


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