A little girl’s stationary collection

Today, I felt like sharing some new stationaries which I bought for Christmas. For those of you that don't know me that well, I am a stationary freak! I love books and pens and stickers. I can never have enough of them!

Ever since I was a little girl, whenever me and my mom would go to the mall in Jakarta, I would spend a lot of time in the bookstore. I love to look at pretty books and try out new colorful pens. Good quality stationaries are definitely not cheap so I would have to save my pocket money just to be able to buy myself a new gear. I know that there are not so many unique stationaries sold in local bookstores, so whenever I would go visit Singapore, I would spend a lot of time in the bookstores around the Orchard road to go window shopping and maybe purchase a thing or two. Nowadays, I prefer online shopping because I could compare prices between bookstores and that there are so many choices to choose from here in Europe! 

As I mentioned, I recently bought two new A5 blank books by Moleskine. I never bought any previously because they are expensive! I bought these two books as they were on sale and still I paid more than ten euros for one knowing that quality of the paper would be good, and they are. I like to write on smooth paper just like the Paperblanks notebooks which are also awesome. I didn't get any this time because they were not on sale and that I was not in need of getting an agenda. Anyway, the first Moleskine book had sakura print on a textile cover. The baby pink color looks so pretty. The other one had a graphic of a woman in a red dress holding a big bird sitting on a field of flowers, pasted on artificial leather cover. The image was created by Dinara Mirtalipova a contemporary artist. Moreover, both books came with stickers!

As a little girl, collecting and trading stickers was a thing, That's why sticker books were popular back then. Actually, I started collecting stickers when I was in 1st grade. I remembered that my piano teacher used to give me a sticker whenever I managed to play a song well. Now being almost 30, I still would buy every now and then some stickers to decorate my journal. As you can see bellow, these are some stickers which I bought recently. Most of the stickers I bought through Aliexpress and comes with neutral colors so that I could write on top of them with a permanent marker.

Lastly, when you have the paper and the sticker, you got to have the pens to write with. I purchased the Schneider Slide Edge XB in pastel color because I tried these pens when I was visiting my friend's place over Christmas and they were so nice to write with! The tips were slightly too bold for me but the were nice on the hand. Moreover, the set came with stencils that I can used to draw arrows, bullets and borders. The vorlagen buch I got also can help me with some inspiring drawings. Nice. 


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