Vandoren alto saxophone reed review in combination with USA Meyer Alto Sax BA-2 M6M on YAS 480

Before all the pro-saxophonist come after me, I'd like to mention that this review that I'm writing on is based on an amateur saxophonist who is experimenting on her tones. I see a saxophone similar to a Lego® piece. You can create various tones from dark classical to bright jazzy by combining different bodies, necks, ligatures, reeds and mouthpieces. In the end it depends on one's taste. I personally like to create tones which can fit both classic and jazz. That I find in my combination of Yamaha YAS 480 + USA Meyer Alto Sax BA-2 M6M + Vandoren ZZ Alto Sax 2 reed.

To cut the story short, I initially played with the Vandoren traditional Alto Sax 2 reed with the Yamaha 4C mouthpiece that comes with the sax. Then, I accidentally dropped my mouthpiece and chipped the edge. Instead of buying the same mouthpiece, I decided to invest on a better one which was the USA Meyer Alto Sax BA-2 M6M (not to mention 5x the price). But before I decided to get this one, I ordered a few other mouth pieces recommended by my teacher: Otto Link Tone Edge 6* & 7, Vandoren V16 A6 S+, and Vandoren Optimum AL5. They didn't really fit me. The Tone Edge 7 sounded really well but it was such a big mouthpiece that I needed a lot of air to produce sound. By the time I did, I was already out of breathe.

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