Agenda: an app that helps you track your schedule and notes

I know a number of people, especially those who have been working in close proximity, that asked me: how do I manage to sort all my activities? Apart from being considered as a “workaholic”, I guess it’s all about planning, prioritizing and time management.

Since my bachelors, I have been actively studying, learning to do research, doing student organizational work, as well as a bit of basketball. As soon as I started my masters, all the new subjects and extracurricular activities (zumba, TRX, piano practice, StartHub and GreenOffice activities tralala-trilili) were all so interesting to me that I would have become overwhelmed if I wouldn’t be able to manage them!

Those days, I just relied on my cellphone Calendar app. It was pretty much doing its job well via the weekly/monthly view, connectivity to my PC mailbox and 15 minute reminders. Until recently, I stumbled upon an app “Agenda”. 

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