Agenda: an app that helps you track your schedule and notes

I know a number of people, especially those who have been working in close proximity, that asked me: how do I manage to sort all my activities? Apart from being considered as a “workaholic”, I guess it’s all about planning, prioritizing and time management.

Since my bachelors, I have been actively studying, learning to do research, doing student organizational work, as well as a bit of basketball. As soon as I started my masters, all the new subjects and extracurricular activities (zumba, TRX, piano practice, StartHub and GreenOffice activities tralala-trilili) were all so interesting to me that I would have become overwhelmed if I wouldn’t be able to manage them!

Those days, I just relied on my cellphone Calendar app. It was pretty much doing its job well via the weekly/monthly view, connectivity to my PC mailbox and 15 minute reminders. Until recently, I stumbled upon an app “Agenda”. 


Agenda is an app which helps me jot notes and link them to my schedule in Calendar on the go. In such cases, I can easily be reminded and trace exactly during which timepoint/meeting/session I had written the note. 


Users can allocate their notes in specific projects (categories), which is very helpful in the end to trace them back. Personally, this feature helps me setup checklists to track the progress of different experiments based on categories.

Now, the catch is that users can access all the cool features such as customizable colours once they buy this app. Without it, you are limited to the basics. The price is approximately €10 and its for year. Quite on the pricey side I say but I was quite lucky to get additional months for free. I reported a bug to the developer that I paid for the app before I registered in the app and then had to pay the second time after I registered. They were kind enough to offer me two choices: either I ask for a refund to Apple or they just provided me additional months. 


In conclusion, is this app worth it to purchase? Yes, if you like to track and keep your notes linked to your schedule and especially if you get the additional free months. But is it a must have? Not if you are looking for full note taking experience. There are indeed other apps which are more suited for this, such as OneNote, EverNote, and GoodNotes. Moreover, If you don’t like to have your phone with you at all times, you can always try the conventional way: grabing a pen and paper will do *wink.


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