Strong’s bible gear fit for people on the go

One day earlier this month, I was chatting with a pastor and she shared to me some of the revelations she received about Genesis 17. The word El Shaddai, God almighty, and Jehova Jireh, God that nurse and milk (provide). She mentioned to me about getting a bible with the Strong's concordance. I immediately searched and found one as an app called Strong's with KJV.

 The app was developed by Tecarta and didn't cost much. Even though it was bundled with KJV, you can basically read side to side with other bible versions. It comes with a few euros but it won't empty your wallet. Furthermore, there are additional attachments which you can choose from study bibles, devotions, commentaries, and audios. I was curious and bought the CSB apologetic study bible. It comes with some articles and materials that you can read in between the pages. 

What is nice about this bible app is that you can select on the words which directs you to footnotes, Strong's concordance, or word dictionaries. This definitely saves time compared to reading off a physical book! 

So far I am happy with this app. It would be great if there is a selection for NKJV version with the Strong's. I still go back and forth to the YouBible app because there I'm reading the plans with friends. A bit impractical but I can manage it. 

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