The fountain, the source of life

It has been a few weeks since I have last posted. I was occupied digesting God's words personally and privately. As we entered December, the month when Jesus was born, I came to think how trully grateful I am that I got to experience God. My encounter with Jesus, when He gave me that white light, His grace in my heart, changed my life! Also when I heard in one morning at 5am, a male voice saying that I will be given the wisdom of words to serve the animals. Afterwards, I got visions not only for myself but also of others and to serve Him. What is even crazier, I didn't realize until today, that all the experiences He gave me in the throne, in His presence, were experiences in the spirit in HEAVEN! The seventh level of the spiritual realm and therefore, I am trully grateful of it all. But it will not stop me from pushing forward and transforming me into maturity. Amen.

When God talks to me, He does not only talk through visions, but also through dreams. Most importantly, only when I talk in the spirit then I get revelations. What also is interesting and not a lot of people experience is that I get visions that can continue to the next day, like a soap opera with multiple episodes. It is something that I long for every night, that I just have go tap into His throne, and drink from that fountain of life. That source of water is guarded by four angelic beings, each between high pillars. It is located in an open prarie where far behind, the kingdom of God is situated above the clouds. All sorts of creatures, such as a lion with three tails, a zebra with a giraffe's head were taking turns, lining up to drink from it. One of the angels told me to drink from that fountain, and drinking means allowing me to be filled in the Holy Spirit, until I am drowned in it. For that to happen, I have to know more about God's decrees and keep on worshiping and praising Him. 


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