Focus on the tree of life and be in covenant

On December 13th, I saw Revelations 22:2. I assume this was the same tree that God has shown me a few months ago. I'm not going to share about the experience I had when I was offered to eat from the tree of of good and evil which is the knowledge of the dark side, the world of witchcraft. But this was a reminder that I should focus on accessing the tree of life, which is the life in Christ. I already received the access to to enter the throne, where this tree is located, and now it's my time to bring others how to access it. Through praise, worship, prayers, and building the foundation of the relationship with God.

God has brought me a few people, whom I sowed seeds to. Of all people, only a few actually stayed by me, as sort of my spiritual children, though they are older in age. Even the first one whom I invested on, was not given to me! But thank God that person is still connected to the same track. It's just sometimes, you can't handle them because they don't respect you. I don't want to force, because actually I'm not a people person. I don't need plenty, I just need a few to make sure that they are indeed for me and I am for them. That's why covenant is important. I can't believe how many times, I've heard sermons from my spiritual parents about it. For almost 6 years, I've been listening to the same message, and now I finally can understand how it is being implemented in practice! I would never guess that I will end up like now leading a group of people, preparing a vessel for God!

I was an outcast, people saw that I was that black goat when it comes to the spirit. They said I was immature, I was zero. No clue about being a true Christian. Well, I was not grown in a Christian family but thanks to God's grace I somehow ended up in a Christian school and since then stayed faithfully as a believer of Christ. Let's say, I used to jump from one church to another, tried charismatic churches, orthodox churches. I felt something was missing and ended up getting lost. Before I started my masters, I was introduced to my spiritual parents, and since then I've always been connected and under their covering. 

It was only after two times meeting I decided to have a covenant with them. Actually, I didn't really understood how big of a deal it was. I just said, yes. I was not planted in any churches anyway. Like I said, I was empty, zero. Over the years, my understanding of God started to grow, but I was just rooting and rooting. Only after 6 years, I finally understood the connection between the scriptures, and its applications. When I finally had my personal encounter with God, then the clock started ticking. I had to move fast, I need to catch up for all the losses. I learned that I have to be in covenant with God, His house and His man. Only then I will be able to receive full impartations of wisdom, understanding and other spiritual gifts. This is what I am showing and imparting to the people that I am sheparding; so that they can experience themselves.

What does it mean? Let me give a testimony of one point. A few weeks ago, in one of our evening prayer session, I saw a city that was not my city and I saw a boulder being rolled down. I gave warning. The next day, the city turned out to be the city of one of the child that I am sheparding! There was an attack of words which impacted a few people that was being sheparded by that child; so it's like the second generation that was affected. Damaged was controlled, and everything was restored. By this incident, we realized that we were a great team. We knew how to divide our tasks in order to solve the problem. All by God's grace. When you are connected in a bond, somehow, you can warn the people whom you are connected to in case of danger and that there is spiritual covering from those having higher authority.

Second point, you will receive the inheritance. Just as I received the wisdom and understanding that my spiritual parents obtained from their spiritual parents, I will also receive the cities that they have taken over as we unite. The victory that they received after winning over the devil, will be our victory. It was a confirmation of one of my visions that I saw on the 17th of November. When there is covenant between two leaders, they will shake and hold hands, become one alliance and cover the earth.

These are just two points that I have elaborated today. One important point is that, you will not be able to become a spiritual parent if you have never even experienced what it's like being a child. Therefore, the spirit of sonship is very important. There are numerous of examples in the bible, how God uses this pattern, from Abraham to Isaac, Elijah to Elisha, Samuel to David. Many more! This is just a glimpse. Ask God and He will show you more!


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