Stay humble and serve Him by building our spirit through prayer and worship

I've been visiting one of my best friend's place in Western Germany for a few days to celebrate Christmas and New Years together. I can't go back home this winter because of Covid19, because then I will have trouble coming back to Germany. I've decided that my trip to my friend's was not just like any regular trip. It was going to be serving God, brainstorming for next year's plan and also doing a lot of prayers and worship.

 On the third day, I was contributing in the Theone Network's Christmas celebration where I was helping with the translation from Indonesia to English. I'm glad that people whom I invited from Indonesia, Malaysia an Germany came! These people were those that are under the Prophetic Worship Night Germany, weekly evening event where we gather, worship and pray to the Lord that I am currently organizing. I'm not going to talk in detail about the points that God taught us but in general I was blessed and that I should be more prepared to accommodate God's plan because He is moving fast. Apart from the prophetic session we also had games, and secret santa gift exchange. From our side were also did a live nativity 5 minutes session. It was fun!

In the evening, I still had the urge to pray and worship God privately with a guitar. As I prayed, I saw a dove that was hands-cupped and then released. It transformed into a peacock and flew in the sky towards the sun. Then, I saw that I was in the throne and saw angels that were crying and praying for us. They knelt and one by one they were given the orders before being sent out to execute their jobs. In the midst of the angels, there I was in the center facing the seat of the throne cross legged on the floor, playing the guitar. I saw a thin layer was protecting me and that as I opened my eyes, a bright light came out like this character in Xmen with laser eyes, but white not red. I received Romans 15:15-18. From this experience, I was reminded of a few points:

Firstly, God has released and bestowed upon His people the gift of the Holy Spirit. Receiving these gifts will allow us to serve God, to build His people. But remember to stay humble and it is not for the glory of man, but the glory of God. What we are teaching and ministering is the gospel of Christ Jesus. Only God alone is to be worshipped and acknowledged, not us, not our flesh and ego. Or else, we can fall because of arrogancy and self just like Lucifer did. 

Secondly, I was really touched that God reminded me again that it is not us who are praying, and not only Jesus who prayed for us, but also the angels. They are there to serve God, messengers like Gabriel when he told Mary about Jesus, and also fighting the spiritual war like Michael in the story of Daniel. But remember that the angels are moved when we are also actively playing our role, praying to God and worshipping Him. The power of prayer and worship is unimaginable because through them, we can receive a lot of spiritual impartation as we strengthen our spirit. Not only the gift of sight or prophecy, but also to receive revelation and wisdom from God as a reward when we build our relationship, a stronger bond with Him.

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