Fixing a robot‘s heart

This day, I helped my best friend to organize her church group Christmas event online. I have been supporting her in her community and I am blessed to be able to share God's words through testimonies that I have obtained. The Chritmas event was more of a celebration where everyone had fun contributing to different events, like nativity, games, and worship. My job was to help with playing the guitar and MC. It was fun! 

 As were closing in prayers, I saw something in the spirit. There was a group of people praying in a circle and one by one they stood up and chose either of the two portals: left was dark and right was light. The last person tried to convince one who was going to the left but that person still went on and the split up. I was reminded of Hebrews‬ ‭4:5‬ ‭NIV‬‬ God stating again in the passage above he says, “They shall never enter my rest.” I read the passage from verse 1 to 6. First of all, God wants us to rest because we have been working so hard lately. Secondly, I believe that to be able to enter His resting place, not only His kingdom but in His presence, it is the choice of each individual person. No one can force others to bring the other to light even though they received the same gospel, the same teaching. That is why everyone can freely choose their role, just being a luke-warm Christian or a hot Christian. 

Half an hour later after the event had ended, we went on to worship in the spirit. Our friend from Indonesia helped with the guitar and song of the spirit. Clearly, whenever he leads, I often see myself flying not just running, and that's what I saw. The five of us were flying on big birds which left a rainbow trace on the back. This vision was confirmed by the husband of my friend as he saw himself riding a big eagle similar to the one shown in the movie Lord of the Rings. The clock struck five and we had to return to our individual castles on differen clouds. I saw a the highest above was the biggest castle among the others and I thought it is where Jesus rule. I guess this vision was straight forward, because if we worship Him in truth and the spirit, we will not only be running but we will be flying, leaving a rainbow track which is a trace of God's promise and work. It looks like the spiritual dimension also have their own time and somehow 5 o'clock is time to come back home and worship Him. Although each of us have our own kingdom or city to rule, God's city is still on top, the highest and grandest of them all.

I was brought to a different scenery, it was in a workshop. There was a robot sitting down on a high stool and Father was tinkering with its plated heart. I was told to help and observe as He took the heart out, burned it in a hot fireplace and returned it back. I received two verses, one is illustrated on the image above and the other is Acts 4:2 NIV “They were greatly disturbed because the apostles were teaching the people, proclaiming in Jesus the resurrection of the dead.” I was surprised that God gave me not one verse this time, it's just uncommon but I'm sure He is teaching me to read more of the scripture. I know that lately, He has been teaching me how to understand the heart of the Father. Furthermore, I am being taught not only to know how to have the heart, but to be able to help Him fix other people's heart in order for them to be revived in Christ. Coming out of dead works but moving on to maturity in the understanding of the gospel. The funny thing, later that night, my best friend chose to watch a movie titled "Jingle Jangle". By coincidence, the story talks about fixing the heart of a robot, and only through believing, the robot could live and fly. Without faith, a repaired heart doesn't mean that a person would be able to be alive. Let me tell you, I usually don't like to watch childrens movie, but since there was not a lot of Christmas movie choices in Netflix, I just went with it and in fact, the message somehow was in congruent with the wisdom I received through worship! How crazy is that?

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