The SOS button

I've not been posting lately since I have been keeping a lot of things to myself. I realized that readers can get the wrong impression of my writings. That's why I'd like to clarify again that readers should keep in mind that even though I've been experiencing vision or dreams, I'm always testing them. I only write those that are supported by verses that the Holy Spirit gave. I've been learning to discern and to interpret them using the spiritual mind. Meanwhile, I focus on building my inner man by feeding hard food from the house of God. This will help me tap into the throne accurately. 


Yesterday, as we had a worship afternoon with the Indonesian community, God reminded me a few things. First, I saw a group of people walking in the desert. Then, there was a giant Father in the sky moving around His hands like cordinating the movement of the people. He blew golden dusts on them. Then, the people split into three clusters, one stayed in the desert,  headed to the mountain, and one to the ocean. Next, I saw Jesus, He was holding on His right hand a levitating button. The button was red, round and big. It has an SOS written on top and ALERT! He gave me the button and I put it in my pocket. I was brought back to the first vision, and the whole vision turned into a gust of wind. The gust of wind flew into a bottle and closed with a cork. The bottle sat among the other bottles on one of the racks. There were so many bottles an so many racks surrounding a small confined room. I saw Father pointing towards another bottle. The bottle opened and a gust of wind flew out to the top of His working table and unfolded into an image of a vision. 

Walking in the desert signifies that we are walking in process. Process just like Jesus when He was tested in the desert. The group separated, means that different people faces different challenges in their life, overcoming the mountains as well as storms in the sea. Remember that those who have a covenant with God will go through a transformation process to be mature in the spirit like Jesus. For the Lord will lead us to the land of the promise. The spiritual Jerusalem, the spiritual Zion. Everything is under His control. He has prepared all the resources that we needed to go through our journey.

Now, throughout our spiritual journey, remember that He has given us a supernatural button that we always have close to us. What is that? Prayer. Whenever we need help, come and pray to Him and He will strengthen us. Prayer has become an important ritual for me. I do pray every evening before bed while worshiping with my guitar. But, I also pray throughout my day. Speaking in tongues in my heart while pipetting on my lab bench or centrifuging my samples. Sometimes, I would just start speaking in tongues by myself when I am shopping in the supermarket without thinking. Then I would receive impressions and see overlaping illustrations as I walk. As if I am one with the spirit. For people who are to the tongue language, it may sound strange and weird. Again, God is a spirit and we should not limit Him using our mundane mind. Rather, use our spiritual mind.


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