New heart in Christ

Man‘s nature is deeply flawed outside of Christ nature. God gave us a new heart through Jesus Christ. 

We can expect disappointment to betrayal, go to the same drama similar to what Jesus faced. But as Christ follower, we need to learn how to handle these challenges as He did. Therefore, we have to observe how Jesus build a solid/stable life & kingdom. Furthermore, build a good partnership with the master architech/builder. Be rooted in Him. The deeper the roots dig, the sturdy and stable the tree will stand and flourish. There is a time element, continuity, not reaching a plateau. The roots search for nutrients/resources, but also beware of toxic elements that we need to avoid which is false doctrines. In scientific terms we need to have good gene receptors expressed. A strong tree will stand through storms & floods, what does it mean? As we dig, faith will grow & be established until fear no longer influence/rule our lives. Why? Because trusting God exposes the agenda of fear. Amen.

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