Pentecost a new revelation!

I've always been close to Father and dwell with the Holy Spirit both daily and in the spirit, but Jesus? He is the most illustrated person and filled basically the whole new testament! However, to me He was least familiar believe it or not even though He was the first I encountered when I prayed in the spirit last year.


It was mostly Father and the Holy Spirit. But only recently, I have been seeing Him more often. Handing strategic plan in a long table, driving a car with me, playing chess together, just me and Him. A moment ago, I just realized. I don't need confirmation through prayer because whenever I open the bible, it is filled with the dimension of the Word of God. The Holy Spirit reveals and grants me access to the revelation of Jesus Christ. I have always thought that it was Jesus Christ who is revealing about the Holy Spirit and Father, but I have experienced that it is the Holy Spirit who is guiding me, though believing in Jesus is the key to receive that access to the Holy Spirit.

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