Stay humble and serve Him by building our spirit through prayer and worship

I've been visiting one of my best friend's place in Western Germany for a few days to celebrate Christmas and New Years together. I can't go back home this winter because of Covid19, because then I will have trouble coming back to Germany. I've decided that my trip to my friend's was not just like any regular trip. It was going to be serving God, brainstorming for next year's plan and also doing a lot of prayers and worship.

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Focus on the tree of life and be in covenant

On December 13th, I saw Revelations 22:2. I assume this was the same tree that God has shown me a few months ago. I'm not going to share about the experience I had when I was offered to eat from the tree of of good and evil which is the knowledge of the dark side, the world of witchcraft. But this was a reminder that I should focus on accessing the tree of life, which is the life in Christ. I already received the access to to enter the throne, where this tree is located, and now it's my time to bring others how to access it. Through praise, worship, prayers, and building the foundation of the relationship with God.

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The fountain, the source of life

It has been a few weeks since I have last posted. I was occupied digesting God's words personally and privately. As we entered December, the month when Jesus was born, I came to think how trully grateful I am that I got to experience God. My encounter with Jesus, when He gave me that white light, His grace in my heart, changed my life! Also when I heard in one morning at 5am, a male voice saying that I will be given the wisdom of words to serve the animals. Afterwards, I got visions not only for myself but also of others and to serve Him. What is even crazier, I didn't realize until today, that all the experiences He gave me in the throne, in His presence, were experiences in the spirit in HEAVEN! The seventh level of the spiritual realm and therefore, I am trully grateful of it all. But it will not stop me from pushing forward and transforming me into maturity. Amen.

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Knock and you shall be given

I haven't been sharing a lot these past few days because I have been digesting personally a lot of God's wisdom. What I would like to say is that, there was a one morning when I woke up at 5 am in the morning to a dream where I saw a bunch of animals and then I heard a very loud male voice saying to me that I will be given the wisdom of Words to serve them. Ever since then, I've started having visions of others and not only about myself.

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