Rending your heart through fasting and prayer

The first week of fasting has passed and I could say I got the hang of not eating. But not like the last 40 days of fasting, I drank throughout the day because the weather is so dry and I started to cough. I went last Thursday to the Covid rapid test center just to make sure I was not a carrier because every morning, I wake up with a bad headache and also at night I sometimes was nauseous. Furthermore, there was a case in our institute so it was a bit worrying. I eat a lot and also consume at least an apple once day. I realize that this time round, my challenge is my physicial condition that my body is weak. Knowing this I only know that my spirit is stronger that my soul and my body therefore I can get through it well. However, I do have some doubts and questions if my fast is good enough. I prayed tonight, not thinking about it and I received this verse.

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The samurai traveler

An empty sheet of paper was given to me and I was told to write down what Father says. He looked anxious as if He was very concerned about some thing which needed to be done ASAP and we are almost late. I've never seen this side of Him. In another scene, I saw that people were lining up a stairs made of clouds. At the front, was Christ and He was given a crown. At the back, one by one, people were picked up by a big machine and thrown out. What does it mean? A lot of people who were in the queue towards receiving the crowns, were eliminated and did not go forward with their destiny. 

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A task to bring people to win their trophies

Today, I would like to share that I am trully blessed. If it weren't for God's intervention, I wouldn't be meeting people who are walking in the same path as I am. Supporting hand in hand through strong testimonies and sharpening each others sword. Sisters and brothers from different culture, different countries, different time zones. All connected via an online platform. As the Lord said, "It is the time of harvest."

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Diving deeper in God’s love

A scubadiver was diving deeper and deeper in the middle of the ocean. He was surrounded only by water and a big giant whale. As he reached the bottom of the abyss, he found a treasure chest. I felt that what I needed to do is to dive deeper in God's love and exhibit it. That is the true treasure.

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