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You‘re our protector

It was Christmas Eve, alone I was in the early evening with God. I went to His presence in private because I wanted to know what He wanted to personally say to me. I started to strum the guitar with a tune that was stuck in my head when I showered right before. The tune was repeating over and over, and word started to come out, "You're my protector." 

You're our protector, our resurrector
As we lift your name above the heaven and earth
May your kingdom be established in our praises
May your work be glorified in our lives
May our spirit be lifted in your presence, Oh Lord
Christ Jesus our protector on high

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Fixing a robot‘s heart

This day, I helped my best friend to organize her church group Christmas event online. I have been supporting her in her community and I am blessed to be able to share God's words through testimonies that I have obtained. The Chritmas event was more of a celebration where everyone had fun contributing to different events, like nativity, games, and worship. My job was to help with playing the guitar and MC. It was fun! 

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Stay humble and serve Him by building our spirit through prayer and worship

I've been visiting one of my best friend's place in Western Germany for a few days to celebrate Christmas and New Years together. I can't go back home this winter because of Covid19, because then I will have trouble coming back to Germany. I've decided that my trip to my friend's was not just like any regular trip. It was going to be serving God, brainstorming for next year's plan and also doing a lot of prayers and worship.

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Focus on the tree of life and be in covenant

On December 13th, I saw Revelations 22:2. I assume this was the same tree that God has shown me a few months ago. I'm not going to share about the experience I had when I was offered to eat from the tree of of good and evil which is the knowledge of the dark side, the world of witchcraft. But this was a reminder that I should focus on accessing the tree of life, which is the life in Christ. I already received the access to to enter the throne, where this tree is located, and now it's my time to bring others how to access it. Through praise, worship, prayers, and building the foundation of the relationship with God.

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