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Commotion during the Indonesian election "Pemilu" week 2019

Exactly 2 days before the general election in Indonesia, I was hoping to hear for once some good news via the Indonesian TV news channel. I hoped everything went well with the election especially for residence living abroad. However, all the news channel were airing problems that occured in relation to the election one after another. Some highlights which I remembered:

  1. 30% of voting boxes were destroyed in one of the district of my city due to flood (Bogor = rain city, should be better prepared for this)
  2. Indonesian citizens who were not able to use their voting rights in Aussie, Hongkong, even Germany!
  3. Problems with Ahok who flipped out during the voting session in Japan.
  4. Investigation of vote-rigging in Malaysia.

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2018 Thailand series: 7€ for a 3.5 hours boat ride in Amphawa floating market!

After a week of hardcore science in Chiang Mai, me and Kathleen made a short stop in Bangkok. But before I jump into the main story, I’d like to introduce two friends who joined us and shortly mention how I came to know them.

During the second year of my bachelors, I was one of the delegate that was sent to study for a semester in Kasetsart University, Bangkok. During that time, I came to know a lot of nice people and we kept in touch since then. Let me introduce you Aun and Oil. Both Aun and Oil studied engineering. I met them in Thai studies and advance English course back then. Currently, Aun runs her businesses (e.g. RUT Coffee Love สาขาลาซาล58 บางนา) and YouTube channel, whereas Oil is working hard in a company.

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Almost a year old: "Sukses Raih Beasiswa Dalam dan Luar Negeri"

Time flies so fast and yet it's almost a year since Gress and I have published our first collaborative work. A book titled "Sukses Raih Beasiswa Dalam dan Luar Negeri" was released last July and half a year later, we have sold more that 500 books! It may not be so impressive compared to a Harry Potter book, or a book in the teen love and romance section. This was expected since it captures a small niche of the market. Yes, students and other members of the Indonesian society who are currently looking for an opportunity to reach higher education.

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Agenda: an app that helps you track your schedule and notes

I know a number of people, especially those who have been working in close proximity, that asked me: how do I manage to sort all my activities? Apart from being considered as a “workaholic”, I guess it’s all about planning, prioritizing and time management.

Since my bachelors, I have been actively studying, learning to do research, doing student organizational work, as well as a bit of basketball. As soon as I started my masters, all the new subjects and extracurricular activities (zumba, TRX, piano practice, StartHub and GreenOffice activities tralala-trilili) were all so interesting to me that I would have become overwhelmed if I wouldn’t be able to manage them!

Those days, I just relied on my cellphone Calendar app. It was pretty much doing its job well via the weekly/monthly view, connectivity to my PC mailbox and 15 minute reminders. Until recently, I stumbled upon an app “Agenda”. 

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