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The SOS button

I've not been posting lately since I have been keeping a lot of things to myself. I realized that readers can get the wrong impression of my writings. That's why I'd like to clarify again that readers should keep in mind that even though I've been experiencing vision or dreams, I'm always testing them. I only write those that are supported by verses that the Holy Spirit gave. I've been learning to discern and to interpret them using the spiritual mind. Meanwhile, I focus on building my inner man by feeding hard food from the house of God. This will help me tap into the throne accurately. 


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Strong’s bible gear fit for people on the go

One day earlier this month, I was chatting with a pastor and she shared to me some of the revelations she received about Genesis 17. The word El Shaddai, God almighty, and Jehova Jireh, God that nurse and milk (provide). She mentioned to me about getting a bible with the Strong's concordance. I immediately searched and found one as an app called Strong's with KJV.

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The ultimate bible to study the scripture

I've always been fond of books since I was a kid. I would buy a lot of English books in Singapore since Jr. High because the books in Jakarta are usually expensive and limited. Then I shifted to invest on science books like Campbell biology series in Sr. High. In my masters, I hunted for plant breeding books. These last few years, I can say I'm into cookbooks and microscopic pictures of plant organs by Rob Kesseler. But the bible? That's something new.

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